Associate Wash Officer

Haut Commissariat des Nations Unis Tindouf, Tindouf, Algérie
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  • Secteur d'activité Fonction publique, Administration
  • Date d'expiration 23 Octobre 2016
  • Nombre de postes 01 poste ouvert
  • Niveau de poste Confirmé / Expérimenté
  • Niveau d'étude (diplome) Licence (LMD), Bac + 3


                                                   NºALGTI /005/2016             

The Representation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on Algerian People's Democratic Republic, is hiring:


  1. Position Title : Associate Wash Officer
  2. Position No  : 10015470
  3. Nombre   : 01
  4. Position Grade: NOB
  5. Contract Type : Fixed Term Appointment
  6. Duty Station : Tindouf
  7. Entre date : 1 Novembre 2016




Under the general guidance and supervision of the Programme Officer and with the technical support of the Senior Regional WASH Officer for MENA region. The incumbent should be accountable for professional technical contribution to programme/project design, planning, administration, monitoring and evaluation of WASH programme/project activities, data analysis and progress reporting. S/he will be committed for enhancement of teamwork and capacity building, in support of achievement of planned objectives of the work plan, aligned with country programme goals and strategy. The incumbent provides technical support and leads the overall coordination of partner’s activities in the area of responsibility.

The incumbent holds a professional management position responsible for provision of expert technical support and advice to the HoSO/Programme Officer on strategic planning and policy making on activities within the areas of WASH and related technical sectors as an integral part of UNHCR programmes.


Internal and external work relationships:  the incumbent needs to work closely with:

  • Programme and field colleagues; Collaborate with Operations staff to implement internal controls systems and resolve day-to-day issues or discrepancies in financial, supply management and monitoring.
  • The relevant district line departments for coordination purposes as well as be in position to work in line with the government’s policy guidelines; Coordinate with members of the humanitarian community, including NGOs, UN, donors and bilateral agencies in the exchange of information relating to WASH sector. Support the overall projects during preparedness and response to emergencies.
  • Local Government and sectorial stakeholder’s counterparts to exchange information on WASH programme implementation, status, capacity and risk mapping, preparedness as well as movement, prepositioning and distribution of supplies.
  • The community in promoting self-reliance and thus their active participation in the development, operation and maintenance of water and sanitation systems in the refugee settlements.





Accountability(key results that will be achieved)

  •  Contributes towards the preparation of the Situation Analysis with a focus on elements that constitute the infrastructure of the WASH sector and level of services provided in the camps.
  • In consultation with relevant authorities, partners, donors and beneficiaries design, prepare, implement, monitor and evaluates UNHCR WASH intervention aiming at sustained and expanded services. Responsibility includes providing technical oversight on all hardware service delivery components including standardization of WASH interventions in the camps. Analyses and evaluates data to ensure achievement of objectives and/or takes corrective action when necessary to meet programme/project objectives. Contributes to the development and/or introduction of new approaches, methods and practices in project management and evaluation.
  • Ensure providing of WASH services at daily basis to all refugees at household level and public institutions according to UNHCR country and/or internationally recognized standards and policies.
  • Technical support and advice are provided to UNHCR operation in the field of WASH.
  • Manage the assigned WASH project(s) in order to meet the project objectives within budget and within the allotted time frame.
  • Provide strong leadership of the assigned WASH project(s), working to ensure both short and long-term positive impacts and outcomes for the beneficiaries.
  • Set clear objectives and indicators for WASH activities in collaboration with WASH partners and colleagues in the field and at regional and HQ Offices.
  • Continuously monitor and supervise WASH activities, overseeing the technical design, execution and evaluation of progress through outputs and impacts using both quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Provide input into the integration of beneficiary participation and accountability in all aspects of the project.
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting of activities according to UNHCR, Donor and other applicable timeframes and formats.
  • Develop new proposals, linked to the WASH strategy, in conjunction with the relevant field managers
  • Work with the Emergency Response, Shelter and Public Health sectors to assist with the identification of future areas for WASH interventions including assistance with WASH Assessments in terms of design and implementation.


Responsibility (process and functions undertaken to achieve results)


Strategy and Policy:

  •  Develop and implement an appropriate and effective WASH strategy in consultation with relevant stakeholders (beneficiaries, relevant authorities, partners and managers).
  • Support the implementation of UNHCR’s Strategic Plan for WASH activities.
  • In coordination with the Senior Regional WASH Officer, adapt internationally accepted standards, policies, and guidelines for WASH according to the unique situation of UNHCR’s persons of concern and the country context.

Technical Assistance:

  •  In close coordination with the Senior Regional WASH Officer, consolidate and provide technical guidance, support and capacity building to partners on all WASH-related issues to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and environmental soundness in their implementation.
  • Act as a focal point on water, sanitation and hygiene promotion issues within UNHCR and liaise with UN related agencies and governmental and nongovernmental counterparts.
  • Review on a regular basis the quantity and quality of water, sanitation and hygiene services offered in the camps and host communities and ensures the maintenance of records of WASH performance indicators for all locations.
  • Review performance, undertake field verifications, monitor development and evaluate activities and approaches adopted by partners in WASH and related sectors, sharing the results with the Senior Regional WASH Officer (e.g. natural resources management, environment assessment) and formulate appropriate designs and corrective measures as deemed necessary in consultation with the Senior Regional Wash Officer and SO Tindouf Management.
  • Promote community involvement and participation in all the different stages of the WASH project cycle.


  • Liaise with other sectors, particularly health and education, to plan, implement and monitor WASH activities in health facilities and schools.
  • Put measures in place to ensure that regular and accurate reports that analyse the challenges encountered in providing WASH services for beneficiaries are prepared and circulated.
  • Participate in the preparation of all WASH-related parts of reports for management, boards, donors, budget reviews, camp Water Monitoring System (WMS)/report cards, KAP, JAM, budget reviews, programme analysis, monthly, annual reports etc. in a timely manner.
  • Provide technical advice to the Head of Sub office and field staff on any WASH related issues.
  • Carry out any other tasks as may be requested.


  • Advocate on all issues relating to WASH and refugees and other persons of concern to UNHCR both within and outside of UNHCR.
  • Work with other sectors in UNHCR to advocate for access to refugees and other persons of concern to WASH services in national and regional plans and proposals.
  • Liaise with donors, NGOs and the local community in the field, for effective WASH advocacy.


Authority (decisions made in executing responsibilities and to achieve results)

  • Update detailed needs and resource assessments and revise designs of technical plans as necessary taking into account practical aspects of implementation, sustainability and relevant technical specifications and guidelines.
  • In coordination and consultation with the HoSO, Programme Officer and Senior Regional WASH Officer, initiate and promote appropriate technologies and innovation in all field WASH programmes.
  • Participate in WASH coordination meetings as well as in Technical monitoring of activities.







  •  University degree in water and sanitation engineering / water resources development and/or postgraduate degree in one of the civil engineering disciplines (water supply and/or hydrology) or sanitation/hygiene engineering.
  • Minimum 5 years of professional working experience in water/sanitary engineering or a related field in developing countries dealing with large scale WASH activities.
  • Ability to coordinate a range of diverse actors and activities to achieve a common objective in the area of WASH is essential.
  • Demonstrated experience in organising and conducting training activities and information campaigns in the areas of environmental sanitation, natural resources management, water quality, bore-hole drilling, groundwater monitoring, vector control, solid waste management and appropriate sustainable technologies are important elements for this post.
  • Proven technical expertise in area of WASH assessment including surveys, programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and coordination is required.
  • Knowledge and experience of working with local partner agencies with a capacity to provide formal and informal training.
  • Proficiency in basic computer software such as Excel, Powerpoint, Word as well as GIS.
  • Excellent knowledge of French (written /oral /comprehension) is essential.



  • Knowledge of WASH related computer software/packages.
  • Exposure to UNHCR mandate, its priorities and principles.
  • Fluency in Arabic, Spanish and/or English is desirable.
  • Good communication skills.

Filing Applications:

Applications must include:

  • A written application indicating the vacancy number and the post title;
  • Duly completed and signed P.11;
  • Fact Sheet; (only for Internal candidates)
  • A certified copy of the most relevant qualification for this job;
  • Three (03) last performance evaluations; (only for Internal Candidates)

Télechatrgez le formulaire du p11 sur le lien suivant: (please click on link to download the P11 form)

Adressed to :

 Sous-Délégation de l’UNHCR à Tindouf

 Rue Sis 89-90 Moussani, 37000

            Tindouf – Algérie


Or by mail          :



Important: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the written test and Interview.


Associate Wash Officer

Haut Commissariat des Nations Unis Tindouf, Tindouf, Algérie

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