Technical Trainer

AMS Mercedes-Benz Spa Rouiba, Alger, Algérie| Alger, Algérie
  • Secteur d'activité Distribution, Commerce
  • Date d'expiration 18 Août
  • Nombre de postes 07 postes ouverts
  • Niveau de poste Confirmé / Expérimenté
  • Niveau d'étude (diplome) Master 2, Ingéniorat, Bac + 5
  • Type de contrat CDI


As a Trainer, you are the expert for system diagnoses in one of the defined specializations: Powertrain systems, driving stability, driving safety systems, comfort, safety systems and telecommunications systems. In these specializations, you are able to train on the current overall vehicle systems for the Mercedes-Benz product range.

Thanks to your comprehensive and special system knowledge and excellent technical competencies, you can train technician. Through good treatment to trainees, expert knowledge, and appreciation of the brand and product, you promote the image of the product and after sales organization, thus contributing to customer satisfaction.



  • As a Trainer, you behave in a brand and service-oriented manner both to customers and colleagues.
  • You are reliable and trustworthy and can motivate the team.
  • Trained and certified technology specialist in a motor vehicle service profession or proof of comparable competencies.
  • Initial training in Mercedes-Benz-specific maintenance operations, workshop systems and processes, and diagnostic systems.
  • Further training in a specialization. Annual participation in product training courses by Mercedes-Benz as part of the market launch of new vehicles / systems.
  • Academic Education, Mechanic; Mechatronic; Electric Engineer 3-5 years experience in automotive training.
  •  Language: French & English.
  • Communication, creative, flexibility, customer focus, negotiation, result orientated, team work, interpersonal relationship, excellence and continuous development, decision making & strategic vision.
  • Experience with the Mercedes-Benz product range.
  • Practical experience with the vehicle systems in your category.
  • Driving license category “E”.
  • Travelling flexibility.



 Social and interpersonal competence

  • You act in a market and customer-oriented manner and you regard yourself as a representative of the Mercedes-Benz brand.
  • You are reliable, trustworthy, and able to appropriately communicate with customers and colleagues.
  • You can integrate yourself and all your potential in a team and use your colleagues' competencies in common trainings.
  • You can authorize and instruct Maintenance Technicians in assembly operations.
  • Method and process competence
  • You can teach all the workshop management systems (e.g. WIS, ASRA, EPC) in a targeted manner.
  • You can use all the workshop information systems (z. B. TIPS, News, Star Diagnosis, WIS etc.) for efficient training.
  • You have a thorough knowledge of the Mercedes-Benz workshop and sales processes, products, and services
  • and can provide arguments for them.

Vehicle and product technology

  • You possess good general system knowledge and very good, in-depth knowledge in your defined specialization.
  • You possess expert knowledge of the structure, function, and networking of systems, components and major assemblies in your specialization, which you can explain in detail to others, if needed.
  • You are familiar with the operation of all the current vehicle systems and functions in your specialization and can recognize if a problem is the result of a system malfunction or incorrect operation.
  • You can systematically perform training repairs and assemblies in all basic systems that fall under your specialization, as well as new parameterizations and software updates.



Analyze, plan, develop and perform trainings for Mercedes Benz dealer and end customer professionals, as well as our own retail in order to enable and develop the performance of those professionals. Develop or adapt training material based on Global Training guidelines. Evaluate and assess the training attendees and issue reports or certificates to the dealers as required. Input and update Training Data in Global Training System (SABA) for ongoing development. To be developed to become an international certified Mercedes Benz trainer (C-Trainer)

Training Service Reception

  • Performing a visual inspection or on-board diagnosis.

Training Work Preparation

  •  Accepting, transferring, and explaining the workshop order and checking the order contents.
  • Registering the processing time and checking the vehicle history.
  • Finding the vehicle, driving to the workplace, and protecting the vehicle from contamination.
  • During the preliminary diagnosis, using checklists to check and document proper completion of the individual work steps.
  • Training Diagnosis
  • Performing a visual inspection.
  • Performing difficult and complex diagnoses in your respective specialization using the latest diagnosis technologies, processes / methods, and procedures.
  • Checking equipment and data for up-to-datedness and quality and preparing the vehicle or required diagnostic tools.
  • Performing systematic and structured diagnoses (in accordance with the diagnosis strategy) using the information from the customer complaint, actual values, and specifications from the Diagnosis

Assistance System.

Training Repair / Maintenance

  • Researching workshop information and checking it for up-to-datedness and quality.
  • Independently performing complex removal and assembly procedures, including adjustment operations, with your own quality check (e.g. repairs to automatic transmissions or remedies for engine running complaints).
  • Installing comprehensive and complex components and systems in the vehicle, networking them with the vehicle systems, and professionally commissioning them (e.g. telematics, stationary heaters, trailer hitches, etc., depending on your specialization).
  • Independently planning and performing all types of complex repair operations that are required to restore system functions, while using all of the available workshop information systems.
  • Checking disassembled and removed parts. Replacing or exchanging them, depending on your findings.
  • Independently performing final inspections and function tests on all complex repairs.
  • Returning the parts (exchanged parts / unused parts) and documenting the performed work.
  • Tidying and cleaning the workplace.
  • Registering the labor time and returning the workshop order to the scheduling department.

Other special training tasks

  •  Using Star Diagnosis and other systems, parameterizing and updating the software ("flash").
  • Professional re-documentation e.g. after software updates, warranty processing, and for statutory work subject to documentation (e.g. exhaust emissions inspections, tachograph checks, depending on national directives).
  • Diagnosis and repair services are provided for defined and qualified specializations:
  • Powertrain systems / functions
  • Driving stability and driving safety systems /functions
  • Comfort and safety systems / functions
  • Telecommunications and HMI systems / functions

Technical Trainer

AMS Mercedes-Benz Spa Rouiba, Alger, Algérie| Alger, Algérie

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