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  • Secteur d'activité Energie, Mines, Matière première
  • Date d'expiration 26 Novembre 2016
  • Nombre de postes 01 poste ouvert
  • Niveau de poste Manager / Responsable département
  • Niveau d'étude (diplome) Licence (LMD), Bac + 3| Master 1, Licence Bac + 4

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 SITE Planner




  The SPL maintains a constant follow-up of Project Planning (level 3) for design and material delivery; develop level 3/4 for construction, monitor, detects trends that require schedule control action and keeps the construction team informed of any change.


Dimensions: Necessary for brown field/revamping jobs (any size) or for grass roots job over 250,000 direct man-hours


Main Accountabilities:

  •  Maintain a constant follow up of the schedule to ensure progress as previously planned.
  • Suggest activity analysis to improve progress or performance for selected work tasks.
  • Define, manage and handle the subcontractor time sheets (by area, by discipline/sub discipline), track productivity issues and propose when needed preventive corrective actions.
  • Attend coordination meetings with subcontractors in view of managing the coordination of subcontractor mobilization, access to work areas and demobilization dates,
  • Service as a “trouble-shooter” when there is breakdown in delivery schedules,
  •  Examine subcontractors' resources related to planned progress and suggest adjustments if necessary
  • Prepare and maintain the Construction Progress Monitoring System (CPMS-Job Cards system) considering (by Subcontract and / or Trade / Discipline) the status and quantities of work to be performed and the resources needed to achieve targeted performances.
  • Develops (Construction part) the Project Level 4 CPM Schedule based on activities, units, subcontracts strategy, (master construction schedule) and defines a construction milestones program.
  •  Prepare all schedules and progress input data needed for the Site Monthly/Weekly Progress report and submit to the Construction Manager for approval and signature.
  • - Check the consistency between Project Level 3 Schedule and Subcontractors' schedules (level 4 or detailed schedules).
  •  Monitor the evolution (schedules/progress), anticipating trends or possible deviations in order to quantify their impact on the overall schedule.
  • Provide status and the quantities of work performed and maintains manpower forecast, progress curves and histograms.
  •  Verify, with the Construction Management that work has been fully completed and recommends acceptance and final payment for the work.
  •  Generate reports depicting progress comparisons, manpower, productivity comparisons and establishes necessary schedule revisions and any changes of construction logic.
  •  Identify and summarize existing or potential problems.

The candidate shall give evidence of:

  •  enough experience (minimum 10 years) as planning leader engineer for construction and commissioning activities;
  • capability to understand and manage construction planning issues;
  • ability to manage the interface with subcontract (SARPI consortium partner) and client supervisor.

Site Planner

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