Gestionnaire des installations

  • Secteur d'activité Services
  • Date d'expiration 23 Septembre
  • Nombre de postes 01 poste ouvert
  • Niveau de poste Confirmé / Expérimenté

General features of job:         

  • The senior maintenance officer manages and maintains buildings, installations, grounds and contents and deals with breakdowns.
  • The senior maintenance officer is accountable to the Head of Operational Management for the management and maintenance of buildings, installations and contents and for dealing with breakdowns.
  • Safety regulations, work instructions and occupational health and safety regulations are applicable.
  • The senior maintenance officer takes decisions about how to deal with breakdowns, when carrying out maintenance on buildings or contents and when carrying out or supervising maintenance of the grounds.
  • The senior maintenance officer is responsible for the supervision upon external technical officers and gives instructions and directions if needed. 
  • The senior maintenance officer is responsible for removals of expat staff and other  shipments to and from abroad (custom clearances).

Actual duties (to be completed by mission):



Description of duties:

  • Supervision of all the maintenance work of all objects situated on the premises of the Embassy (Chancellery, Residence, Annex, 2 chalets, 2 office apartments, and electrical buildings);
  • Supervision and planning of maintenance of the rented houses for the expat staff of the Embassy, including acting as liaison for the landlords.
  • Responsible for removals of expat staff and other shipments to and from abroad.
  • Supervision of all the maintenance work of the green area and boundary walls of the premises of the Embassy.
  • Responsible for the progress of the maintenance activities as described in Planon and if necessary submit alterations to the Head of Operational Management.
  • Contributes to the multi-year activity planning of the Embassy (3W-planon).
  • Responsible for a correct supervision of the distribution of diesel to the generator sets and supervision upon the maintenance of the generators.
  • Responsible for the technical assessment of houses to be rented by the Embassy.
  • Preparing or obtaining cost estimates on planned and also unforeseen activities.
  • Ensuring the correct management of the technical installations in close co-operation with the Head of Operational Management.
  • Monitoring the safe operation of the infrastructural facilities in all governmental objects and rented houses for the expat staff of the Embassy.
  • Advising the Head of Operational Management concerning issues on maintenance, facility management, necessary safety and security measures.
  • Arranging for the input of specific expertise, with regard to the hiring of competent contractors, electricians, plumbers etc. and reports on the performance of the contractors.
  • Negotiates with external parties about the maintenance activities as such.
  • Acting as liaison towards external consultants, engineers and cooperate closely with them.
  • Attends and initiates technical meetings with all relevant external parties periodically.
  • Maintains a good and professional relationship with consultants, external engineers, local authorities, 3W, in order to improve the standard of the maintenance activities and facility management as such.
  • Coordination of the logistic support during special events (Kings Day, New Year etc).
  • Advising the Head of Operational Management concerning necessary safety and security measures.
  • Gives IT support to Embassy Staff.
  • Managing duties of 2 gardeners.
  • The senior maintenance officer is part of the Operational Management Department and will have to replace/take over duties of other colleagues during busy periods, holidays/illness.



  • Correct technical maintenance and management of (Government) objects
  • Housing of expat staff in houses with the proper facilities
  • Satisfied customers, meaning all employees of the Embassy, concerning the work environment
  • Satisfied customers, meaning the expat employees, concerning the basic facilities in the houses they are residing in.



Knowledge and areas of experience:

  • A technically oriented secondary vocational education
  • 3 to 5 years experience
  • Technical knowledge and skills
  • Knowledge of regulations (safety, inspection and technical)
  • Knowledge of the housing policy of the Embassy/Ministry
  • Knowledge of the planning instrument as used by the Ministry (Planon)
  • Skills in carrying out various types of maintenance work
  • Skills in dealing with complaints and reports of breakdown
  • Co-ordinating skills
  • Good communicative skills regarding the contact with local authorities and external companies as well as the Ministry (3W)
  • Give IT support to Embassy Staff
  • A working knowledge of French and English
  • A working knowledge of light bookkeeping and administrative skills
  • Flexibility and the willingness to work outside normal working hours
  • Affinity with MS Office (excel, outlook)
  • Attaches great importance to flawless integrity on the workplace


start date September 15

Gestionnaire des installations


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