A propos de RedMed Group recrute:

RedMed Group recrute:

RedMed Group is a leading integrator of global solutions and turn key services to the Algerian energy sector. With around 1500 employees, Red Med Group is headquartered in it’s own base camp in Hassi-Messaoud for over 15 years now, at the heart of Algeria’s oil and gas activities and progress constantly to foster current activities and sustain the continuous expansion business through our base in Adrar.

RedMed Group services starts from the first class accommodation (luxury residences in a leafy environment, 24/7 security, intelligent office space equipped with the latest communication technologies) but it goes a step further in energy companies business during their operations in Algeria by providing a full range of services:

- Logistics: Trucks, Cranes, Forklifts, Rig Moves

- Civil works: Platform preparation, leveling, access roads, all type of equipment rental , generators, light towers, tanks

- Camp rental: Mobile camp department offers accommodation cabins as well as specialty buildings  such as kitchen, diner etc...

- Aviation: Light aircraft and private business jet lease:

- Remote catering

- Manpower

- Truck and lifting equipment maintenance

RedMed is aiming to meet the requirements of the key players of the energy sector in Algeria in an economical environmental and social responsible way.

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